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15 - 17 Jun 2018

Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise 2018 “Eat, Shop, and Fun around the country” From 15-17 Jun 2018

Opening ceremony of the ‘Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise 2018.’ Eat, Shop and Have Fun Around the Country, Held in the heart of Bangkok at MBK Center shopping center, this event showcases many booths featuring Thai chic designs and local Thai fruits as well as shows performed by famous Thai artists. Shop and spend 300 baht and be eligible for random drawings held June 15-17 for a chance to win free airline tickets. Don’t miss your chance to win. We guarantee you’ll have a great time. Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Visitors to this event, get a chance to “Shop, Eat and take in exciting shows.” It will be worth your while. Sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Even if you miss the grand drawing, you can still shop to your hearts content at the various shopping booths. Follow us for further details at:

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