01 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Fascination with exotic dishes

When people talk about Thai food, there are plenty of dishes to sample. Each region has their own culture and way of life that is different and affects the way locals eat. In this way, locals have created their own local menu. Let’s see what kind of exotic dishes can be found in Thailand.


1.Khai Khaw (Balut)

Balut is a bird embryo that is boiled and has become a famous delicacy among people from Laos. This dish is quite rare in Thailand.

2.Kung Ten (Spicy fresh shrimp salad)

A fresh small shrimp mixed with seasoning and Thai herbs. The shrimp is eaten while it is still alive.

3.Malang Tod (Fried insects)

Fried insects are a popular snack and is high in protein. Moreover, this dish is very popular among teenagers and working people.

4.Labb Leud (Rare minced beef with herb and blood)

A local dish of the Northeastern region of Thailand, you should beware when eating this menu because it is made of rare beef and fresh cows blood mixed with herbs and Thai seasoning. But beware it’s good taste may cause you indigestion or other health issues.

5.Moak Huak (Grill tadpole with Thai herbs)

Huak is the Thai Northeastern word meaning “Tadpole”. Most people in the Northeastern region of Thailand mix the tadpoles with Thai herbs and spicy seasoning and then wrap it in a banana leaf and then grilled. This dish has high nutrients and is very popular among locals.

6.Pla Lai Tom Pred (Spicy eel soup)

A very flavorful dish, Spicy eel soup, is made by boiled eel and mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, chili and other seasonings. Many people are fascinated by its unusual taste.

7.Kai Ka Thi (A chicken with coconut milk)

The process of making this dish is quite different and is not as simple as its name implies. The process of making this dish is the same as making foie gras. First, the chicken is buried in the ground with just its head and neck above the ground. It is then fed with coconut for every meal. After the chicken has grown enough, it will be picked from the ground and then cooked.