01 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Top 5 tastiest restaurants at Centralworld shopping center

“Central World” is a shopping center located at the heart of the city where both Thai and international visitors gather. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Southeast Asia boasting high-end stores and an abundance of alluring restaurants.

1.Kinhey By Greyhound Cafe  

A quick & comfortable restaurant that serves a wide variety of Thai street food. Greyhound Cafe also serves Thai Izakaya style food and beverages.

2.Ditto Tea

A tea shop house for the health conscious, Ditto Tea only uses loose leaf tea leaves blended with fresh fruit to add a touch of pleasing fruit flavors and enabling you to get the natural sweetness from the fruit itself. Rest assured, Ditto Tea only serves the highest quality tea drinks.

3.Jame Cheese

No need to fly to Korea, Jame cheese is a famous Korean restaurant which opened a shop house in Bangkok. Their signature dish is the “Pork rib with cheese,” served in a hot pan. In addition, they have also adapted many dishes to cater to Thais.

4.Divana Signature Cafe

The newest café at Centralworld shopping center, Divana Signature Café is a tea café whose concept combines the natural aroma of flowers and the uniqueness of Thai fragrances. This café originated from
Divana, a popular brand of perfume and spa products. Divana serves many varieties of teas such as jasmine, orchid, lemongrass, ginger, rose, and mango. Enjoy them with Thai or Western style desserts.

5.POT Ministry

A Thai hotpot restaurant that was inspired by the 4 styles of Thai soup representing each region of Thailand. Savor soups from the Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern parts of Thailand. Spicy dipping sauces of each region are served with the soups.