01 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Local foods in Maesot

When talking about food, there are many delicious local foods you must try when travelling to Maesot.

Halawha Sengpe

A local dessert of the Thai Yai people, this famous dessert is one that you should try and bring back home. It is made out of flour, sugar, coconut milk then it is mixed together creating its own special flavor. It can be found in many markets in Maesot city.

Khao Soi, Pa Tui

An old restaurant that sells local northern food called “Khao Soi Kai”, it serves this dish up with a secret recipe which makes it more special. Its aroma of herbs and fresh ingredients made Khao Soi Khai more divine than anywhere else.

Khao kan Chin

A local food of the Thai Yai people, it is also called “Khao Ngeaw”. Made from rice mixed with pork blood, salt and minced pork, then steamed in hot water. It is served with crispy pork, fried-red onion, fried-chilly and fried-garlic. This is such an incredible dish for you to try.


A snack influenced by a Myanmar snack, it is also called “Kabong”. In Myanmar this means pumpkin and “Jo” in Myanmar means fried. This snack is made out of fried-mixed veggies including papaya, calabash, and sprouts and is served with a dipping sauce.

Chicken Curry (Kang Aoub Kai)

Aoub kai or Aook kai is a Thai Yai local food that is made out of steamed chicken with Thai herb such as chili, onion, garlic and ginger. Suitable for eating with Steamed rice.

Hang-le curry

Hang-le or Hin-le is a Thai curry dish with sour and salty flavors. It’s origin is from Myanmar and is very popular in northern Thailand. The mix of pork with Thai spices makes Hang-le curry very delicious.

Jackfruit with Thai paste (Tam Ba noon)

Tam Ba noon is a local Lanna food. Whoever comes to visit northern Thailand shouldn’t forget to try this local favorite. It is made from boiled jackfruit mixed with Thai spices and then stir-fried. Served with a variety of veggies, fried-garlic and fried-chilly.