01 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Must buy items @ Rimmoei market

Rimmoei market is a well-known tourist attraction in Maesot district. This market is located close to the Moei river in front of Myawaddy city, Myanmar. There are many products sold at low prices to discover here.

1. Electronic accessories

There are many electronic machines sold in stores at Maesot. Choose from Bluetooth
speakers, hair dryers, clocks and lights.

2. Wood carvings

Wood carvings are one of the popular souvenirs for tourists to buy. There are many kinds of wood carving products sold here.

3. Leather 

A leather bag is a favorite item for tourists. There are many kinds of leather bags to tourists to select.

4. Clothes

Clothes are the most popular souvenir in Maesot because it can remind tourists about their visit to Maesot district.

5. Accessories

One of the most popular souvenirs at Rimmoei market, accessories have a unique beauty and are finely processed. Choose from rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

6. Makeup

Tanaka is a popular beauty makeup product and is also known as “Myanmar powder.” It is the most famous souvenir for tourists. Beauty items include lotions, powders and many
other varieties.


7. Car accessories

Car accessories are one of the most famous items for tourists to purchase. There are many different kinds of car accessories offered at affordable prices.

8. Toys

Rimmoei is the source of toys from China. Balls, Legos, car models and many other toys can be found at Rimmoei market.


9. Pottery

A pottery item at Rimmoei, is one of the cheapest priced product that tourists take home
with them. Home decorations such as vases, plates, sculptures and many other items can be a good addition to your home.


10. Snacks

When talking about snacks, there are many kinds of snacks for tourists to take home as a souvenir. The snacks are imported from many countries, namely China, Myanmar and as well as other parts of Thailand.