01 Jun - 31 Aug 2018

Places of sanctuary to visit in Maesot district

The wide range of art, cultural and historic destinations in Maesot district are evidence to the city’s broad history. All historical sites are absolutely essential for Thai people and really attractive to those who love learning about history. All the art in these historical sites were influenced by Thai and Myanmar culture.

Wat Chompol Khiri

Wat Chompol Khiri is located in Maesot district, Tak province. It is an ancient temple built
200 years ago. In the beginning, it’s original name was called “Wat Klang” and it was
constructed in B.E. 2314. Inside the temple is a home that simulates the Shewedagon
Pagoda in Myanmar. The building is surrounded by 20 white pagodas and has become an essential historical site in Maesot for visitors to pay respect and make merit.

The Shrine of Phawo

A sanctuary site of Maesot district, visitors pay respect to the Karen warrior who was
believed to protect the surrounding land. They believed that Phawo will give great things
and bring luck to whoever comes to worship.


Wat Thai Wattanaram

A golden temple influenced by a Myanmar temple,“Wat Mae Dao Ngeaw” or “Wat Thai Yai” was it’s original name but was later changed to be called “Wat Thai Wattanaram”. This temple was built in B.E.2400. The inside pagoda is surrounded by stunning constructions including the “Golden sanctuary” that was inspired by Myanmar art. Once you step inside, you can see the enshrined reclining Buddha which is 40 metres long. This temple have become a historical site for all visitors.

Wat Thai Samakkhi

Wat Thai Samakkhi is a temple located in Maesot – Mae ramad road which is 7 kilometres from Maesot district. Inside the temple is the enshrined “Phrachao Tanchai” which many believe will bring them great things and luck into their life.

Wat Manee Paison

A rich Myanmar architectural styled temple named “Wat Manee Paison”, it is situated in
downtown Maesot district. The temple is surrounded by many small pagodas. Moreover, it is also home to another historical sanctuary site.